Bohemian Jewelry

Bohemian fashion, Boho for brief, is a cultural look that coalesces clothing and accessories parallel to those sported by native people from in and around the world. Middle Eastern Jewelry is considered a cousin of Bohemian jewelry, (aka Middle Eastern Jewelry, aka Turquoise Jewelry). Bohemian necklaces and bracelets are very famous all around the globe. You can couple them with any of the clothing wear, and flaunt it with style and elegance.

You should try and accommodate only one type of bohemian jewelry in your clothing, instead of clubbing it up with loads of many other numerous neck pieces or earrings at one go. You can go for neck pieces made up of horns, bones, funkie material like feather, shells, etc.

Middle Eastern Jewelry is delightfully designed and it also has the capricious feel that it can be put in to any person’s wardrobe. Bohemian jewelry is a fantastic mode to have exuberance with your jewelry. Moreover, Middle Eastern Jewelry is also good for those who have an obsession for things that are creative and out of the box.

You will surely fall in love with slim elephant bangles, if you are a diehard natural beauty fan. The tiny aspects of exquisite Turquoise Jewelry will impress you.If you are looking for complex designs that are shared with vivacious colors, then be positive to take a look at the mosaic bangles and the turquoise dangle earrings. There are fabulous designed cocktail rings for those who just want to add on a little hint of Middle Eastern Jewelry in their wardrobe.

Bohemian style and jewelry is considered to be ethnic, but it defines more of an attitude. You can have some fun donning a Boho chic look, in particular when you add jewelry and accessories to the mix.

Fashion pundits all over the globe; consider that accessorizing up in the bohemian jewelry style is a condition of mind, a touch that will never row fainter in time. Here is your guide to lead you towards buying some of prettiest the bohemian jewelry. Many of you must be wishing to look different and yet look stylish. Here you can see your wish coming true, try out a Bohemian look coupled with exclusive Middle Eastern Jewelry! In essence, Bohemian jewelry makes you look stylishly different with as little as one piece. One thing you should always keep in mind is you can look super gorgeous if you couple up bohemian jewelry with your bohemian dress. You can easily opt for a perfect jewelry that compliments your bohemian dress completely.

Styles can encompass a wide variety of types of jewelry including bracelets, rings, necklaces & ear rings as well as a wide variety of precious stones such as Carnelian, Jade, Onyx, Topaz, Ruby, Lapis, Pearl and of course Turquoise.

Guide For Jewelry Buyers – Based on a Visit to MACEF Italy

In September, I was on an official visit to MACEF’ 2008 that took place at Milano in Italy. The fair received global participation from exhibitors of home decoration items, kitchenware, bijoux, jewelry and accessories, costume and gold jewelry and other items. Well, my area of interest is jewelry – particularly fashion jewelry and beaded jewelry and I will stick to that after a brief presentation of the event.

Fiera Milano City exhibition centre where MACEF held every year – is an ideal place for exhibitors and visitors. In terms of infrastructure, accessibility, food and of course the products that were displayed – this is the place for doing business and to see the latest trends for different products.

During the course of the fair, one can see a large number of visitors rushing to the fair ground in cars, buses, trams and metros. On reaching the fair ground, the visitors were always greeted by the smiling and helpful staff who are more than ready to assist you with anything – fair directions, conveyance, food, et al. The buying and selling, the music, the ambiance, the cultural programs added to the hustle and bustle during the fair.

The fair was attended by several Indian and Chinese companies also. I remember M.K. Exports from Agra – India and Banaras Beads, who both were selling glass beads. They were satisfied with the response they received at the fair. A Chinese company whose stall I visited was selling fashion watches, bangles, necklaces that were decorated with small stones. A watch was priced for 7 Euros. Not much if you are looking for the glitter and artistic design.

Exhibitors of beaded jewelry and accessories displayed their products in hall No. 11. All other halls (I tried to visit all of them) were full with visitors. If I remember correctly, Hall No -8 displayed costume jewelry and fashion jewelry.

The Italians are famous for their fashion. It is not wrong to say that they are synonymous with fashion. I observed the buyers, they were more interested in large size beads, glass and plastic beads. Most of them were seen wearing only one big piece of jewelry, either a necklace, bracelets or earrings. They were not loaded with jewelry.

Seeing the fashion mood of the people who visited the fair, I could easily make out that Costume or fashion jewelry is ‘in’ these days. It is inexpensive and flashy and is made of less valuable materials like glass, plastic and stones. The unique and beautiful designs, the glitter and the wearable fashionable look was enough to tempt anyone to buy all of them. There was imitation jewelry, artificial jewelry, precious and semi-precious stones, stone studded jewelry and other fashion accessories.

The fashion trend has caught up with India also. People are ready to don flashy, and beautifully designed watches and fashion accessories. Many buyers at MACEF were owners of shops in Italy and are engaged in selling beaded jewelry and beads (all types). I discussed with some of them on the products they are dealing and they told me that they are buying from India or China.

I was lucky enough to visit such a grand event where products from different industries were displayed at the same time. For those who have missed the chance, they can either wait till next year.

At the fair, the b2b guys were marvelous and helped people in knowing how they can do business using a b2b website. Their stall was visited by numerous visitors who inquired on doing business with India through a website. B2b portals like tradeindia distributed free bags and exporters CD. I was lucky enough to grab one.

One more b2b portal from China displayed their services at the fair. So all the people who have missed the flight, I would suggest to use a b2b portal for doing business. There services are inexpensive, time saving and helps you grow your business – without moving out from the comfort of your office or home.

A word of caution though, take care of all your belongings.

Till next time, Chao.

Bridal Jewelry Essentials for the Resplendent Bride

Weddings are important occasions in the life of every woman. Whether it is her own wedding or she is being a part of another wedding, women do not want to leave any stone unturned in ensuring they look their best. Every bride, right from childhood, nurtures the dream of being cynosure of eyes on the most important day of her life. More often than not, brides spend thousands on their dress alone without saving much for the bridal jewelry. With the price of gold, diamonds and other precious metals and gemstones touching the skies, brides today prefer fashion jewelry instead of expensive jewelry. This choice not only helps them save money, but also gives them the opportunity to wear these for other occasions as well.

The armlets are ornaments that should be a part of every bride’s fashion jewelry kit. These are jewels that adorn the arms of the bride. Though the origins of this can be traced to India, these ornaments can be worn by brides all over the world. If you have opted for a sleeveless or off shoulder or Greek styled bridal gown, the armlets will add to the charm of the attire and will offset its beauty better. The kundan style armlets are available in white, cream and maroon colours that complement the white colour robe of the western bride to perfection.

The kalira is also an important part of the bridal jewelry kit. These are ornaments that are commonly worn by the north Indian brides on the wrist along with the bangles. As per the Indian tradition, the uncle and aunt of the bride tie this ornament to the wrist of the bride during the “chooda” ceremony which is of utmost importance. After the wedding, the bride rubs her hands together over the head of many unmarried girls and the one over which pieces of the kalira fall is considered to be the next in line for marriage. These ornaments have multiple tier chandeliers that are either completely gold plated or have white and maroon stones and trinkets embedded in them.

The jhumar is also one of the bridal jewelry essentials for brides all over the world. This is an ornament that adorns the head of the woman. It can either be worn at the center or to a side of the forehead. The silver plated white diamond jhumar is the best choice for many brides because the white coloured imitation stones shine like mini diamonds and complement every bridal ensemble to perfection. While the leaf style jhumar can be worn on the side of the forehead, the chandelier styled one is ideal for the center. If simplicity is your hallmark, then trump the jhumar for the maang tikka which is simpler but equally beautiful. However, unlike the jhumar, this type of fashion jewelry can be worn only in the middle and not on the side of the forehead.

Bridal anklets are also essential fashion jewelry items for every bride. These are ornaments that adorn the ankles of the bride and make them look dainty and delicate. The kundan style bridal anklets comprises of white and maroon stones embedded on a gold plated metal. Starting from prices as low as $13.12, you can choose from a wide range of anklets that can be worn for many other occasions after your marriage. While gold plated anklets with white imitation stones have been a perennial favourite, there are gold plated anklets with coloured trinkets for brides to choose from as well.