Fashion Anklets

Fashion anklets, ankle chains, or ankle bracelets are ornaments put on around the ankle. Anklets and toe rings historically have been used for centuries by unmarried women in India, though in the United States both casual and more formal anklets became fashionable in the late twentieth century. While in western popular culture both younger men and women may wear casual leather anklets, they are popular among normally barefoot women, and more formal anklets made up of silver, gold, beads are commonly part of fashion jewelery for women.

Much more rarely, the ankle chains are joined by a stretch of chain to limit the step. This practice was once more prevalent in the Middle East, where the effect was to give a ‘feminine’ short tripping step. Today a few western women follow this practice, but rarely in public. A very few people even have ‘permanent’, e.g. soldered-on, ankle chains, and more rarely still, so is the connecting chain.

Fashion anklets: Materials used for making fashion anklets

Fashion anklets can be made of silver, gold, and other types of less precious metals as well of materials such as leather, plastic, nylon and other such materials. In the western world anklets or ankle chains are mainly used by younger females, but some older women also wear them. Metal anklets are of two types – flexible and inflexible. The flexible ones, often called Pajeb or Jhanjhar in India, are made by tying links in a chain. Subsequently, sonorous bells can be attached to the chain, so that the wearer can make pleasing sounds while walking. Inflexible ones are usually created by giving shape to a flat metal sheet.

Fashion anklets: Styles of anklets

As with any other jewelery, price levels for anklets vary dramatically depending on the type, production methods, and materials. They are also an accessory item worn by a broad range of ages, from young girls to sophisticated women. There are thousands of designs and styles available in the ever-expanding marketplace. Popular types of anklets include, Beaded, Sterling Silver, Yellow Gold, White Gold, Pearl, Charm, Diamond, Gemstone, Birthstone, Coral, Turquoise, Crystal, Shell, Rhinestone, Cubic Zirconia, Nickle and Brass.

Fashion anklets: Guidelines for wearing anklets

Fashion anklets can be of the loose style or of the tight variety. The priority is to determine which style you want to go for and how it should fit you. Either the anklets can lay below the ankle bone or it can be kept above the ankle bone. Therefore choosing your style and size can be made easy by keeping a few simple things in mind. First, start by determining how you want to wear the ankle bracelet. Do you want it to sit above or below your ankle bone, would you like it to fit tightly or loosely? Keep in mind that the preference of the anklet can change depending upon the footwear that you are going to wear for a particular occasion as well as the general style of the anklet itself. When we talk about the style of the anklet, it may include things like the tightness, looseness of the anklet as well as the other associated paraphernalia like the hanging bead or crystal at the end of the anklet.

Fashion anklets: Anklets and the type of footwear

It is very important to ascertain whether you are planning to wear anklets with the sandals or the shoes. Depending on this both the style and size may vary. For example if you are planning to wear a beaded or crystal beaded anklet with your shoes then ideally it should be above your ankle bone otherwise the hanging bead or crystal can get inside your shoes and thus make you very uncomfortable for the occasion. So as we can see in this example that if you are using shoes then the beaded anklets should be above the ankles. On the other hand if this type of anklet is used with sandals or flip flops like footwear then it can be put below the ankle bone also. Today adjustable anklets are available in the market which can provide you greater flexibility and you can wear it either above or below the ankle bone either in a loose or tight form.

Fashion anklets: Measurements for anklets

Taking measurement of your ankle is very important before you go for shopping anklets. Using a soft tape is the best method to take measurements. To start with, you need to plan the style of anklet that you may most probably purchase. Further you need to decide in advance whether you are going to wear it with sandals or shoes. Once you have thought about the style and footwear preferences, it is time to take a few measurements to establish your size range. For measuring, you need to have a soft tape. The other method is to use a piece of string and a ruler. With the tape or the string you can measure the thickness of your legs above and below your ankle bone where you are planning to wear your anklet. If you are using the string to measure then through the ruler find out the actual measurement. The soft tape on the other hand will give you a direct measurement.

Fashion anklets: Various varieties of adjustable anklets

Finally make it a point to have variety. The market is full of varieties of anklets which are adjustable in nature and which can be used either above or below the ankle bone. These anklets can therefore be put on as per your choice and they will go with either the sandals or the shoes also. It is better to have a adjustable anklet rather than a fixed length anklet from any point of view. One problem with anklets is that after some time they naturally become loose and here you cannot do anything with a fixed type of anklet but if it is a adjustable type then you can readjust the length to make it tight or loose as per the need.

Notable Fashion Designers of the 20th Century

For the upper echelon and privileged classes in our society, style and fashion gurus unequivocally exert an enormous amount of influence. At this juncture the most famous and the most important method designers of the 20th century were:

The designer Gabrielle or Coco Chanel. Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel, known as Coco, learned to sew at a young age, while spending time in a Roman Catholic monastery’s orphanage. At the age of 18 in 1901, she set out from school to work with a local tailor, in what can only be called an ironic twist to the rags to riches story of fame and fortune. Throughout this time, she began to design hats, which fascinated the interest of the privileged, together with her enthusiast, French millionaire Ettienne Balsan–her doorway to high Parisian culture. She opened her own boutique in 1910. In the 1920s, she burst onto the fashion scene with her minimalist styles constructed using readily-available fabrics and simple designs. Even though Chanel died in 1971, her fashion is still around today. Chanel has one of the top perfumes in the world today – No.5. Everyone knows Chanel as the person responsible for bringing pants to women’s fashion but did you know Chanel was on TIME magazine’s list of the 100 most influential people of the 20th century and was the only one named to this list from the haute couture field?

The designer Calvin Klein. Calvin Richard Klein was brought up alongside Robert Denning, Ralph Lauren and such, designers raised in the Jewish immigrant community. He is a graduate of FIT in New York. Even though he did not graduate and finish, the New York fashion institute thought of him as one of their own, giving him a special Doctorate in 2003. He was on the cover of Vogue after just one year. He came up with a line of fashion which met the needs for any and every event. He founded his first business in 1968, and since that time has varied his product offerings to include clothing, various types of perfumes, and jewelry.

Ralph Lauren is another top of the line designer famous for his Polo line. Despite his poor beginnings as a traveling salesman for a necktie maker, he later became famous for his Polo Ralph Lauren line of clothing. He started to sell his line of Polo ties in 1967, but his greatest achievement was having his designs used in a film in the 1974 film The Great Gatsby, with Robert Redford in the lead role. Ralph Lauren is listed as the 224th most wealthy person in the world, his worth his estimated at $2.8 billion.

Yves Saint Laurent is well known in the fashion and cosmetic world. One of the greatest and most influential fashion designers is this French designer who was born in Algeria. More well known as Yves Saint Laurent (born as Yves Henri Donat Mathieu-Saint-Laurent), he is thought of an icon when it comes to ready to wear clothes. His avant garde designs revolutionized the fashion world when he developed the ready-to-wear scene in the 1920s. Another landmark in Yves Saint Laurent’s career was his introduction of power suits for the career-oriented woman, in addition to smoking jackets for men, in 1966. The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City honored Saint Laurent by making him the first living designer to receive an award from the museum. On June 1, 2009 Yves passed away as a result of brain cancer.

Artists, fashion designers make their designs very powerful in the world’s culture. The famous designs mean that their names are well-known and will be for many years to come.

Lip Rings: A Fashion Statement for Today’s Youth

In recent years, fashion and fashion statement has got many new aspects. With the ever-increasing new concepts and dimensions in fashion world, today’s generation is accepting appealing fashion styles to be a part of mainstream. One of such most popular trend in today’s youth is wearing lip rings. It not only represents a fashion statement but is also a way to express independence and attitude.

Amazingly, trend of wearing lip jewelry is taking on storms in both men and women equally because perhaps, wearing lip ring goes with the fashion, lust and pleasure together. There are numerous styles and designs of lip rings available to fulfill the desire of extremely choosy youth. Many sport stars, fashion divas, film star and glamorous style icons are presenting forward the fashion of lip piercing. Lip ring types vary with respect to piercing location. Usually, a traditional lip ring gets on the bottom lip but when it comes to studs, they are well suited on the side of the lower or upper lips. ‘Bites’ are also famous among youth which means wearing two or more rings in a specific way.

As far as the lip ring’s material is concerned, it can be any of several materials but it is important that the lip stud or ring is made of superior grade material like gold, platinum, surgical steel or any AAP (Association of Professional Piercers) approved materials. Quality material lip rings decorated with diamonds, sparkles, different colours, shapes, and designs are rocking today. The trend of lip piercing is growing rapidly all over the world. They definitely make an inviting fashion statement. Quality material costs a bit more but it is certainly worth it for hygiene and health.

Getting a lip pierced is not a casual decision because it comes with the probable risk factors of health and hygiene. It may cause an infection and may take time to heal completely. It comes along with the restrictions of performing some activities which can be done otherwise easily. Some jewellery types and shapes may cause damage to teeth and gums. So it is necessary to take extra care of dental and overall oral health in order to avoid unwanted irritation, deterioration and pain. Getting lips pierced is something that remains permanent. It is always advisable to take an expert’s opinion and those who wear lip studs or rings. With proper care and selection of rings, this fashion beats many fashion trends undoubtedly.