Facts About Buddhist Jewelry

The history of jewelry can never be complete without the worthy mention of the Buddhist brand. This jewelry type is well known for its rich historical antecedents and also for its usefulness in the modern fashion industry. There are some facts you must know about the Buddhist jewelry. Let’s dissects them.

Brief Historical survey

The Buddhist Jewelry has a very unique historical background based on the great religion known as Buddhism. The religion originated from Buddha himself who held the view that perfect state of enlightenment could be attained through the suppression of earthly desires. Little wonder why most of the Buddhist jewelry products do have the image of Buddha on them. Meanwhile, the “Om” symbol is also associated with Buddhist jewelry. This symbol is actually found in both Buddhism and Hinduism. It signifies the beginning and end of all things in the universe. Many Om jewelry products also have the Buddhist undertone in them.

Buddhist Pendants

Traditionally, the Buddhist jewelry consists of quality Om pendants which come in various styles and sized. They are usually made of ceramics or metals. The pendants are used as amulets meant for the protection of the wearer. They are normally worn around the neck for the protection of the heart and the entire body. In most cases, the pendants do have the image of Buddha and other related images in the Buddhist religion. In Hinduism, such Om pendants usually have the images of Hindu statues like the Shiva statue. Today, many people from other religions enjoy wearing the Buddhist pendants for one spiritual reason or the other.

Buddhist Necklace

Just like the Hindu Jewelry, the Buddhist brand also consists of necklaces. In most cases, some of these necklaces do come with quality pendants bearing the image of Buddha or other images of the same sort. Without doubt, the Buddhist necklaces are worn around the neck for spiritual and fashion reasons. Just like the pendants, they serve as amulets or charms meant for the protection of the wearer.

Buddhist Bracelets

The Buddhist jewelry also has the bracelets. These are usually made of various elements such as silver, and metals. They are meant to be worn as charms on the wrists and the arms. A good number of the bracelets have lots of spiritual undertones based on the Buddhist religion.

Buddhist Earrings

There are quality earrings in the Buddhist jewelry package. They are usually made of silver and other quality metals available in the Asian cultures. Originally, such earrings were meant for religious purposes. However, they are also being used now for fashion enhancement.

In all, the Buddhist Jewelry and Om Jewelry has a lot to offer to the fashion world. Its rich historical antecedents speak volume in most fashion shops online. You can always benefit a lot when you make use of such jewelry products.

Facts To Know About Fashion Jewelry

Fashion jewelry, also known as costume jewelry, is generally any type of jewelry that is made from artificial gemstones and metals. It is one of the most inexpensive and entertaining way to design unique types of jewelries. It can be combined with different types of metals and semi- precious stones.

Interesting Facts of Fashion Jewelry:

Fashion jewelry is made with the use of different types of man made stones and materials. Some of the most common types of stones used for costume jewelry include glass, cubic zirconium, epoxy, rhinestone and so forth.

Cubic zirconia is one of the most widely used stones as it resembles precious stones such as diamonds, emeralds, rubies and sapphires. It can instantly attract attention as it exudes a unique sparkling light. Faux pearls are also used to manufacture costume jewelry. Colored glass is another material which is used to make different types of necklaces and earrings.

Bead jewelry can be made with the use of plastic and other materials. Semi precious stones such as black opal, amethysts, pearls and so forth are also used for costume jewelry.

Various types of metals such as nickel, aluminum, tin, brass or a perfect combination of these metals are used for these jewelries. Silver and gold tone jewelry appears similar to gold and silver but includes only the color of the metal.

Fashion jewelry includes various other materials such as wood, shell, stone and so forth. There are several types of costume jewelry which include bracelets, rings, necklaces, chains, earrings and pendants.

Among different varieties of costume jewelry, necklaces are commonly used by most of the women today. Necklaces are crafted with semi precious stones such as amethysts, amber, aquamarine and so forth. Garnet, pearl and opal are some of the other most popular varieties of stones used for these types of jewelries.

Important Care Tips:

It is important to know how to care for fashion jewelry so that it retains its glitter and glow for many years. It is important to wipe these jewelry pieces with a soft cloth after usage. Oil and sweat tend to reduce the glitter and glow of these jewelry pieces.

Strong perfumes and deodorants can alter the color of the metals and the stones. Therefore it should never be cleaned with any type of solutions as harsh chemicals can damage the stones. It should also be kept in a soft velvet cloth away from other jewelries so that it retains its beauty and glow. It can be placed in velvet boxes and pouches too.

It needs to be stored away from dust as it causes damages to the metals and stones. Jewelry cloth can be used for bluffing along with recommended jewelry cleaners. It is also important to check for loose stones.

Fashion jewelry needs to be maintained periodically by polishing it in gold and silver. Although it is made of inexpensive metals, it appears elegant and chic with the inclusion of semi-precious stones and metals.