Creating New Jewellery Designs

Jewellery designing is a process that never ends as fashion is forever changing. Years ago it was something that was worn more by men than women and then the fashion for men wearing jewellery faded but now there is a large market for both women’s and men’s designs. There are very many jewellery designs available and the combinations are as large as your imagination.

If you have a vivid imagination and you are creative and want to design something unusual in the way of looks and designs, then jewellery design is one of the best ways to show off your creative talents. This is a medium where you can not only use your creativity but can create your own beautiful piece which can give you a great sense of satisfaction. So just turn your back on those old fashion designer jewellery pieces that you have stored in your jewellery box and have been produced by the thousands of pieces.

Start exploring your imagination and be creative and I am sure you will end up with something which will be beautiful and unique. This is the craft where the design possibilities are endless. There is no end to the amount of handmade jewellery you can create. You can blend the latest in style fashion designs with the traditional and conventional designs to make unusual handcrafted jewellery. You just need to have few ideas and tools to start up with your own designing and producing a beautiful piece. You can design and create your own rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings. However, if you if feel that you are not so creative then you need not have to worry there are many magazines out there that can inspire your designs. You can use the internet to see what the latest fashions are offering or why not use jewellery designs from the past to give you ideas to create stunning designs of the present.

Just catch up with the latest fashion designer jewellery and change your collection you all ready own with these stylish and chic ones altering pieces that you already have in your collection. Making earrings from brooches, pendants from your earrings add two necklaces together and copy the latest trends from the cat walk. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the pieces you have.

Search secondhand stores, charity shops and boot sales for secondhand pieces and it does not matter if the pieces are broken as you can use the chains and beads from many different pieces to make your own piece of jewellery that is unique and original to yourself

Here are two of the latest trends that are available

Layered chains are the best ones to sparkle up your simple dress. It is the latest handmade jewellery design which should not be overlooked. Layered chairs look elegant on every woman and can be worn any length. Long to create that Bo Ho look or shorter if you are wanting something more classic and stylish. It creates a wow effect that every woman desires for. A layered chain is the pile up of different individual chains. It gives a continental style when you wear it. While selecting the layered chain, it is advised to select the piece which has wide range of textures and designer elements. A Layered chain can consist of silver and gold chains with beads, pearls and crystals or why not choose a mix of all these. It can also be layered with textures like ribbons, feathers or tassels. These multi chain necklaces will suite many outfits.

Chandelier earrings are hanging earrings. These earrings are back in fashion and are mostly loved by women. Chandelier earrings are made of precious or semi precious stones such as diamonds or beads like glass, crystals and pearls. They are available in many collections and at many different costs. Diamante and pearls look great in the evening and bright bold colours in the day.

About Luxury Fashion

Luxury can be broadly defined as possessing items that are desirable but not essential and expensive to procure. Luxury goods give great comfort to the user since the surroundings are expensive and high-quality. It is also defined as a non-essential item which an individual covets or desires but has no real use of. Luxury can also be defined as an activity that gives great pleasure and joy due to the fact that it occurs rarely. Over time, novelty and originality have become key as well as contributing factors in the development, promotion and growth of luxury fashion, designers, designs and goods.

The historical definition of luxury is both dynamic as well as specific to culture, thus making it a difficult task to define. In society luxury can be loosely defined as a product or service that a consumer wants rather than needs. Despite everything global markets have seen an extraordinary growth in the luxury brand market. Branding of products as luxury has changed the perception and how consumers view this industry. A product or service can be deemed as luxury when the quality, design, craftsmanship, innovations are unique and of the highest standards. With regards to fashion design, it is an obvious assessment that the quality and craftsmanship of the design are seamlessly intertwined but creativity as well as innovations is two distinct and separate categories.

When it comes to speaking of creativity and innovation, they are often inter-changeable and also connected with describing the design and its process thus defining design and fashion in many instances. Manu analysts have not come to realize that there is very little or almost no distinction between both terms and they are slowly merging to mean one and the same thing. Innovation can be loosely defined as that which aims to transform and implement rather than explore or invent. In such circumstances it will be difficult to assess the level on contribution or change that designs will have on luxury goods. It has been argued on several occasions by expert analysts that technological innovations can be shown as the key factor in the development of luxury fashion and products. The co-relation between the designer and manufacturer is an important, imperative and integral part in developing luxury fashion goods to sustain themselves in an ever-changing fashion industry.

In developing and developed countries in the world, the luxury fashion industry is booming and every member of society who wishes to make a status statement will be flashing one if not many luxury goods at some point. It is a myth that recession has reduced purchasing power or patterns. In fact it with more gusto and reduction of prices on such good that has luxury aficionados shop until they drop.

The power of media; print and electronic has helped create awareness and a buzz towards the luxury fashion industry. Armed with more information the consumer is thoroughly educated on the nuances and cons of purchasing luxury fashion products. Luxury fashion has now entrenched its way into every country across the globe.

Guide For Jewelry Buyers – Based on a Visit to MACEF Italy

In September, I was on an official visit to MACEF’ 2008 that took place at Milano in Italy. The fair received global participation from exhibitors of home decoration items, kitchenware, bijoux, jewelry and accessories, costume and gold jewelry and other items. Well, my area of interest is jewelry – particularly fashion jewelry and beaded jewelry and I will stick to that after a brief presentation of the event.

Fiera Milano City exhibition centre where MACEF held every year – is an ideal place for exhibitors and visitors. In terms of infrastructure, accessibility, food and of course the products that were displayed – this is the place for doing business and to see the latest trends for different products.

During the course of the fair, one can see a large number of visitors rushing to the fair ground in cars, buses, trams and metros. On reaching the fair ground, the visitors were always greeted by the smiling and helpful staff who are more than ready to assist you with anything – fair directions, conveyance, food, et al. The buying and selling, the music, the ambiance, the cultural programs added to the hustle and bustle during the fair.

The fair was attended by several Indian and Chinese companies also. I remember M.K. Exports from Agra – India and Banaras Beads, who both were selling glass beads. They were satisfied with the response they received at the fair. A Chinese company whose stall I visited was selling fashion watches, bangles, necklaces that were decorated with small stones. A watch was priced for 7 Euros. Not much if you are looking for the glitter and artistic design.

Exhibitors of beaded jewelry and accessories displayed their products in hall No. 11. All other halls (I tried to visit all of them) were full with visitors. If I remember correctly, Hall No -8 displayed costume jewelry and fashion jewelry.

The Italians are famous for their fashion. It is not wrong to say that they are synonymous with fashion. I observed the buyers, they were more interested in large size beads, glass and plastic beads. Most of them were seen wearing only one big piece of jewelry, either a necklace, bracelets or earrings. They were not loaded with jewelry.

Seeing the fashion mood of the people who visited the fair, I could easily make out that Costume or fashion jewelry is ‘in’ these days. It is inexpensive and flashy and is made of less valuable materials like glass, plastic and stones. The unique and beautiful designs, the glitter and the wearable fashionable look was enough to tempt anyone to buy all of them. There was imitation jewelry, artificial jewelry, precious and semi-precious stones, stone studded jewelry and other fashion accessories.

The fashion trend has caught up with India also. People are ready to don flashy, and beautifully designed watches and fashion accessories. Many buyers at MACEF were owners of shops in Italy and are engaged in selling beaded jewelry and beads (all types). I discussed with some of them on the products they are dealing and they told me that they are buying from India or China.

I was lucky enough to visit such a grand event where products from different industries were displayed at the same time. For those who have missed the chance, they can either wait till next year.

At the fair, the b2b guys were marvelous and helped people in knowing how they can do business using a b2b website. Their stall was visited by numerous visitors who inquired on doing business with India through a website. B2b portals like tradeindia distributed free bags and exporters CD. I was lucky enough to grab one.

One more b2b portal from China displayed their services at the fair. So all the people who have missed the flight, I would suggest to use a b2b portal for doing business. There services are inexpensive, time saving and helps you grow your business – without moving out from the comfort of your office or home.

A word of caution though, take care of all your belongings.

Till next time, Chao.